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Morning Links-3/23

-The Jets have told Denver they are interested in Jay Cutler according to Gary Myers. While Gang Green does not have the ammo to be the favorite, this front office has shown time and again it does everything within its power to land its man. Mike Tannenbaum can be a very creative guy when he needs to be.

-The Jets are playing nice with Eric Mangini since they might need Cleveland's help to land Cutler. However, the Browns might just target Cutler for themselves.

-Josh Freeman blogged about his meeting with the Jets last week.

-Could longtime ticket holders be left in the cold?

-Thomas Jones is not getting a new contract.

-Rex Ryan worked out a defensive end prospect.

-At least one person in Miami sees how difficult the road ahead will be after the team has done little to improve so far in the offseason. Considering the improvements the Pats have made, everybody else is probably playing for second place.