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Taking the Pulse of Gang Green Nation: The Jets Blog

To try and get a better understanding how how the fan base feels about the team, Gang Green Nation is going around the blogosphere to get opinions from other Jets writers. This is the first part of an ongoing series.

Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog was kind enough to answer five of my questions. Brian's blog is undoubtedly the most popular Jets related site on the web.

1. Give a little background about yourself. i.e. How did you become a Jets fan? When and why did you start your blog? Do you live in the New York area, etc.

I grew up in Westchester County, NY and became a Jets fan via my godfather who has been a season ticketholder since the 1970s.  I started the blog back in 2004, mostly as a cathartic outlet due to my moving to Boston.    I was so sick of hearing Red Sox and Patriots coverage that I needed to talk about it to someone ... even if no one was listening at the time. 

2. What are your thoughts regarding the coaching change?

I was against it at first.  I wanted to see Mangini have one more year without Favre jammed down his throat and I still believe he deserved it, considering his buddy Tannenbaum used him as a human shield.  That said, I like Rex Ryan's energy, I think that the players will respond to playing for him, and I think that he's going to bring a level of energy to this team that hasn't existed here under Mangini's regime.  That said, Herman Edwards gave us all the soundbites in the world and look where the team ended up.  If Ryan doesn't win, all the enthusiasm for him will vanish like it does for everyone else.  I think that Ryan's enthusiasm and Tannenbaum's approach to upgrading the roster will work well together.

3. What do you think of the offseason the Jets have had to this point?

I like it a lot.  By getting Bart Scott in free agency, the team cemented and made much more versatile their front seven for the 2009 season.  Rhodes has needed a player he can trust to pair with in the secondary for years, and he will benefit for it.  Keeping Brandon Moore was a wise move and I think the jury is still out on Lito Sheppard.

4. What areas still need to be addressed in your opinion?

QB is the obvious one that everyone talks about.  But the team might let Clemens and Ratliff battle it out.  The team has some serious depth issues on both the offensive and defensive lines and the team will need to find a replacement running back for Thomas Jones sooner rather than later.  In addition the team could use that field-stretching receiver to help Keller and Cotchery ply their trade underneath.

5. In an ideal world, with the 17th pick, the Jets....(fill in)

With needs on offense and both lines?  Oof ... it's so hard to pick just one!  If it's an ideal world, then all the 16 teams ahead pick projected seventh rounders!  :) In truth, based on how I expect the draft board to play out, I think that the Jets will likely go with an offensive skill-position "playmaker" ... a guy like Beanie Wells or Percy Harvin.  I just participated in a mock draft where USC QB Mark Sanchez & LSU DE Tyson Jackson both slipped to me at 17.  Jackson was too good to be true and I had to take him.   

Should a guy fall down the board, I think the Jets would be wise to snap up a player like that, but I really like the Jets slot and think they have a great chance to pick a player at any number of positions that can help this team long-term.

A ton of thanks go to Brian for taking part.