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Morning Links-3/20

-The Jets are Giants are getting sued for their personal seat license sales. For those of you unfamiliar with PSL's, they are a one time charge for the right to buy season tickets at a new stadium. After paying for a PSL, a fan must then buy a ticket package at full price. It is nice to see somebody take a stand against this ridiculous concept, but even if these teams lose, they will probably just increase the prices of the actual tickets by the same amount to compensate.

-Former Oklahoma and Sam Houston State quarterback Rhett Bomar will get a workout with the team.

-Tampa Bay and Detroit seem to be the top competition to land Cutler. Detroit probably has the most ammo, but the rematch between the Jets and Bucs is interesting. The teams were front and center last summer trying to land another Bus Cook quarterback on the trade block, Brett Favre.

-Some minor coaching annoucements.

-Ray Lewis says he was always going back to Baltimore. He left out he only realized it when it became clear the Jets and Cowboys would not offer him more than the Ravens.

-Miami added defensive line depth.

-The Pats say they have had no discussions regarding Julius Peppers.