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Scott's Transcript

For the full transcript of Bart Scott's conference call, click here.

A few highlights:

On the process of the start of free agency…

I want to first clear all these things up. I wasn’t causing a bidding war. With these contracts, there is a lot of paperwork and I think the paperwork was 60 pages long. My agent was in St. Louis and is based out of St. Louis. He was finishing up (St. Louis Rams offensive lineman) Jason Brown’s deal in the building. We (the Jets and his agent) agreed on a deal and we knew that he was going to get to wrapping ours up after the Jason Brown deal. We wanted to spend some time and kill some time. We went out to the mall, looked at some watches, like I often do, and came back and finished the thing up. (Throughout the process) I was getting calls from my wife. She was stressed out saying that she’s packing, she’s unpacking. What’s going on? I let her know it’s a done deal and everything was fine.

On if that stuff was blown out of proportion…

It’s an urban legend you know. There wasn’t anything going on so you have to build something of it. I guess, it builds for suspense for all the watchers out there.

On if he has spoken to Jim Leonhard or Corey Ivy…

I talked to Jimmy the day that Rex came to pick me up from the house the next morning. Corey Ivy was actually up there with me. We had time to talk and hang out. Trust me, when Rex left, a lot of guys wanted to come with him. He has that type of personality. We played last year to get Rex a head coaching job. That is what one of the goals was over on the defensive side. Let’s play so good that they have no choice, but to recognize our defense, but then recognize the man that’s pulling the trigger. I am actively trying to get those guys. Hopefully, we can get those guys here and we can really improve the depth, communication and transition for this football team to an attacking style 3-4 (defense).

On the Jets defense …

I look at tremendous athletes on that side of the ball. I look at playmakers, team speed. I think everything should be built around (Kris) Jenkins. He causes the same matchup problems that (Albert) Haynesworth causes. This style of defense I’m very comfortable with. I look at it as the defense I have always played in with the same type of parts. With the addition of Lito Sheppard, we have two lockdown corners, which is key in this defense. You have to have a big man in the middle, which we have. A good young guy in the middle next to me (David Harris), that I am going to tell everything that I know and give him everything that I’ve got. I look forward to seeing him blossom. Then you have the pass rush on the outside. You’ve got the young prospect (Vernon Gholston), pretty much coming in like Terrell Suggs came in. Hopefully we can get some of these additions from the Ravens that can help with the communications aspect of it - really small, minute details that come in certain formations. I look forward to that and I am very excited.

On if he will be a vocal leader for the Jets…

We won’t back down from anybody. We won’t take a step back from anybody. You guys can expect to see a very physical, violent (defense). I do not know if this division has ever seen a violent defense. It is one thing to be physical and make a tackle. It is another thing to be violent. “Violence” makes guys stay on the sideline when they are getting hit and their ankle is hurting a little bit. (If) they know they are going to get violence, they are going to sit that out. A tackle on a play is different. That is what we are going to try and bring to the table.
I have no problem with talking. To tell you the truth, you have to shut me up. That is why I did not call the plays out there because I was too busy fighting.

This was quite a news conference, getting the linebacker's take on everything from his future to his new teammates to tax policy.