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No Pennington-Coles Reunion

The Dolphins have decided not to pursue Laveranues Coles.

According to an ESPN report, the Dolphins have no interest in signing Coles. The Jets restructured Coles contract and released the veteran receiver last week.

This is a mild shocker. Chad Pennington would figure to have a lot of sway with that franchise after the season he just had. One could only figure he lobbied to bring his buddy to town. Now we are all spared the irritation of seeing LC in aqua and hearing from the media about how the Jets let this quarterback-receiver tandem get away to a division rival.

Coles must have asked for too much because he would have made a ton of sense for the Dolphins. They are looking to upgrade their receiving corps. Coles has that famous chemistry with Pennington. In addition, their young receivers would benefit from having such a fierce competitor as a mentor.

The Bills are now the frontrunner to sign Coles.

He would be a nice compliment to Lee Evans there. Although the best scenario is Coles leaving the division, the Bills do not provoke the kind of venom from Jets fans as the other two division rivals. This would be less difficult to swallow even though it would still mean facing him twice per season.

Meanwhile, the Pats have to be lurking in the bushes. If LC cannot find the big money for which he is looking, maybe he decides to chase a ring and get back at the Jets for not paying him. Bringing in a disgrunted Jet would be vintage Belichick, who coincidently needs to replace Jabar Gaffney, his slot receiver with a similar skill set.