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Morning Links-3/2

-Cimini says the Jets have little interest in bringing back C.J. Mosley. That is a bit puzzling. The 3-4 is not the best fit for him. C.J. is not stout enough at the point of attack to play two gaps effectively. However, as a rotational player on pass rushing downs, he has done nice work. Why throw away cheap depth?

-Bart Scott's press conference has been cancelled due to the monster winter storm in the local area.

-The Giants signed Dallas' Chris Canty.

-The Pats resigned one of their own.

-Jay Cutler is upset with the Broncos because other teams asked about trading for him. Perhaps Cutler should take a second to consider all of the other people in this country who upset at the possibility of losing their job. Maybe his situation is not so bad.

-Two NFL players are missing on a boat trip.