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See Kerry Rhodes Do Comedy on 3/26

Passing along an e-mail regarding a chance to see Kerry Rhodes at a comedy club next Thursday.

Wanted to let you know about the next 12 Angry Mascots show happening on Thursday, March 26th at Comix Comedy Club (353 W. 14th St), featuring Jets' safety KERRY RHODES.   

12 AM is New York City's only sports-comedy variety talk show (could be the world's only... we're still fact-checking that).  We showcase all-original sports-themed stand-up, sketch comedy, and an interview with a celebrity athlete.  Kerry's our special guest this month.  We're also having ESPN's 'Talented Mr. Roto' Matthew Berry on the show, along with stand-up from Liam McEneaney and Tom McCaffrey (both have appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend and VH1's Best Week Ever).  And Michael Phelps is also slated to stop by... (in the form of sketch actor/comedian Rob Lathan)

We're really excited about having Kerry on the show.  We're hoping to hear his reflections on the 'Year of the Favre,' his early impressions of Coach Ryan, the latest on his business and media ventures (MTV Cribs!), his picks for the upcoming Draft... we're hoping to get some juicy stories out of him.  Thought your readers might like to know about this opportunity to meet Kerry in person, and get a kick-ass comedy show along with it.

Ticket info at

More info about 12 AM at

It sounds like fun, a chance to see Kerry in a unique setting and get a night of entertainment as well.