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Morning Links-3/17

-Hutch says the Jets are watching the Jay Cutler situation closely but are unlikely to make a move. This could be true, but it also might be a smokescreen. The media said the same about Brett Favre a year ago. The Jets were patient and pounced when the moment was right. However, this team might have a tough time landing the Denver quarterback. It would take a huge return to get Cutler. A team like the Lions, desperate to make a splash for its fans and in possession of three of the first thirty-three picks in the Draft, will be tough to outbid.

-Wallace Matthews says sell the ranch to get Cutler.

-Bob Glauber is with me in the anti-Cutler camp.

-So is Mark Cannizzaro.

-Cimini is lukewarm at best.

-In non-Cutler news, a look at an offseason training regimen.

-Could the Pats end up with Julius Peppers?