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Jets Sign Howard Green

The Jets have signed free agent Seattle defensive tackle Howard Green to a one year contract.

Green, 30, is joining his fifth NFL franchise since being drafted in the fifth round by the Houston Texans in 2002. He was completely out of the league during the 2005-06 season, before resuming his career with the Seattle Seahawks in 2007.

He has appeared in 37 games with 12 starts, and has 55 career tackles, one sack and one deflection.

The Browns also expressed interest in Green during free agency and the Seahawks attempted to re-sign him.

Green does pretty much one thing, eat space with his 6'2" 320 pound frame. He is exclusively a reserve. Green is probably not big enough to play nose tackle full time, but he will be asked to spell Kris Jenkins for short bursts. He also figures to replace C.J. Mosley at end. The Jets need to find better backups against the run on the defensive line. Sione Pouha constantly got driven back five yards backing Jenkins up a year ago. Mosley was a good pass rusher, but he got sealed too often playing too gaps to be very effective on first or second down. The other primary backup end, Mike Devito, was similar. Green can use his frame to control the point of attack better than his fellow backups did in 2008. This was not a sexy move, but it seems like a nice pickup for depth. It speaks well that his current team tried to keep him.