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Morning Links-3/12

-Larry Izzo has ties to the BALCO steroid scandal that involves high profile athletes such as Barry Bonds and Marion Jones. Considering how much heat baseball gets for its players taking steroids, it is amazing how much of a free pass the NFL gets. Football is a game based on strength and brute force. One could legitimately speculate a higher percentage of players in the NFL are using illegal performance-enhanching drugs than those in baseball.

-Randy Lange documents Izzo's reputation on special teams.

-A feature on a member of the Flight Crew.

-Somehow a writer in Miami says the Dolphins have done a better job this offseason than the Jets. It's not like the Jets have acquired three players, all of whom are better than anybody the Dolphins have added or anything.

-A Providence newspaper offers a more balanced look at the AFC East's offseason.

-Dick Jauron hopes Terrell Owens takes advantage of his third second chance.

-A Jason Taylor to New England angle.