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Mangini's Raid Continues

Eric Mangini's Browns signed another marginal Jet, Hank Poteat, and could be looking to add Abram Elam.

The Cleveland Browns signed cornerback Hank Poteat on Monday.

Poteat, an unrestricted free agent, had two interceptions, a sack, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery last season for the New York Jets.

Cleveland is also eyeing Jets restricted free agent safety Abram Elam. Elam played well last season while subbing for an injured Eric Smith but the Jets have signed the Ravens' Jim Leonhard, who'll start at safety.

Poteat's move had to be expected. The journeyman seemed to find a home during his roughly three years with Mangini's Jets. He does not have good enough cover skills to be anything other than a stopgap starter, but he was solid in subpackages covering secondary targets. He definitely was a step up from Drew Coleman holding down that role. Losing him hurts the depth much like losing C.J. Mosley to Cleveland did.

The Jets should match Cleveland if an offer is made to Elam. The signing of Jim Leonhard would free up Rex Ryan to use Abe however he wants. Although his cover skills are lacking, his skills as a blitzer would probably make him a good fit for the system if the new coach utilizes him properly. Abram does enough well to provide depth at safety even though his lapses against the pass prevent him from being an effective starter. He is better against the run and as a pass rusher than Eric Smith and is about an equal pass defender. Keeping Smith over Abe as a backup would not be wise.