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Favre Is Undecided

Brett Favre reportedly has not made up his mind yet and has no qualms about taking his sweet time.

Favre has four options: retire, ask the Jets for his release or a trade, or return to the team. At the moment, Favre has other concerns.

"Right now, I know Brett is deer hunting every day," Cook told 1050. "That's all I know. Once he decides what is going on, he'll tell me. "

The Jets were hoping to get an idea what Favre was thinking by the time the NFL Combine starts on Feb. 18, but there is no timetable right now, according to the agent.

"We are just going to wait and see what he is going to do," Cook said.

Favre is not stupid. He knows the Jets need a decision because of  the state of their salary cap. Perhaps by holding up the process, he is really forcing his way out of town. Bailing on a second team in two years would bring awful press, but using his trademark indecision gives him cover. This is obviously speculation, but it is a possibility and an angle the media has missed.