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Rotoworld: Sheppard Deal Done

Rotoworld says the Jets and Eagles have agreed on the parameters of a deal to bring Lito Sheppard to New York.

The Jets and Eagles have agreed to a trade that will send a 2009 fifth-round pick and a 2010 conditional pick to the Eagles for CB Lito Sheppard.
The 2010 pick could be anywhere between a second and fourth-round pick, presumably depending on Sheppard's playing time. The price is too big for our tastes, but Sheppard would fill a big void opposite Darrelle Revis. We give the Eagles a lot of credit for holding on to Sheppard last year and getting this excellent value
To reiterate, the Jets just got a 28 year old two time All Pro for a fifth round pick this year. If Sheppard really does only need a change of scenery and a new contract to rejuvenate his career, a high Draft pick next year is worth a top flight corner. Even if he plays as poorly as he did with the Eagles in 2008, a fourth rounder is still worth the risk considering the ceiling.