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Jets Resign Richardson

The Jets used their first move of free agency to take care of their own housekeeping, resigning Tony Richardson.

Just as the Washington Redskins re-signed CB DeAngelo Hall, the New York Jets did the same with FB Tony Richardson. It’s believed to be a one-year deal with $500,000 guaranteed, with New York keeping the dependable blocker and locker-room leader.

Considering Richardson's value, this contract was a steal. While the offensive line and Bill Callahan got most of the credit for the resurrection of the running game in 2008, Tony played a vital role as the lead blocker for Thomas Jones. This team can find a right guard as good as Brandon Moore. Finding a fullback like Richardson would be next to impossible. One only needs to look at the list of tailbacks he has helped succeed. It includes Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and now Jones. Few at the position identify an assignment quicker. possesses the athleticism to hit his man sooner, or block with better technique than Tony. Even though he was not much of a factor carrying the ball or in the passing game, he needed to be a top priority, and he was.

Mike Tannenbaum is off to a good start.