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2009 Possibility: Free Agent Bart Scott

As the offseason begins, Gang Green Nation will take a look at potential ways to improve the club. Today we will explore signing Bart Scott.

Profile: The Ravens signed Scott as an undrafted free agent in 2002. He became a starter in 2005 and broke out in 2006 with a 9.5 sack, 103 tackle campaign. He remained one of the cornerstones of Rex Ryan's elite Baltimore defenses until hitting the market in 2008.

Why It Makes Sense: Scott is the most logical choice to upgrade the middle linebacker spot opposite David Harris. He does everything well. Scott is great taking on blockers in the run game. When the Ravens used him extensively as a blitzer in 2006, he registered 9.5 sacks. He would also be the cover linebacker this team desperately needs. He covered tight ends well, which was one of his primary duties in Baltimore. Scott has blossomed in Rex Ryan's system. He is a perfect fit for the defense. Even though he does have some attitude issues, at 28 he is in his prime. His skill set makes him a better fit than Ray Lewis.

Odds of Happening: It seems like the odds are better than 50/50. The Ravens will be hard-pressed to find the cap space for Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, and Scott to all end up with the deals for which they are looking. After spending his early career making peanuts by NFL standards, Scott is looking to cash in. The Jets have been clearing cap space to make a big offer. This combined with Bart's existing relationship with Rex Ryan in addition to his knowledge and respect for the system makes the Jets arguably the front runner.