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Cap Space Estimated at $27 Million

There are reports out there the Jets have cleared up an additional estimated $10 million by restructuring the contracts of Calvin Pace and Kerry Rhodes. Dave Hutchinson says this is a misconception.

The recent report on of the Jets clearing roughly $10 million off their cap by reowrking the contracts of safety Kerry Rhodes and linebacker Calvin Pace is a bit misleading.

The moves were made late last month and have already been factored into my cap figures. Thus, the Jets will be approximately $27 millon under the salary cap, not $37 million, when the cap numbers of tight end Crhis Baker ($2 million) and right guard Brandon Moore ($7 million) comes off the books.

Hutchinson has proven to be the most reliable MSM pundit regarding the cap since the offseason began. He recognized from the outset the Jets were not in bad shape, while some (albeit not all) of his colleagues claimed the team was in serious trouble. He has also been able to verify information with his sources within the organization. He has also backed up his statements with full explanations. In the process, he has turned himself into the go to guy for cap news regarding the Jets.

Listen to Hutch before anybody else.