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Cimini's To Do List

Rich Cimini lists six tasks for the Jets with their newfound cap space.

1. They will go hard after Ravens ILBs Ray Lewis and Bart Scott, hoping to land one. That will be a mega-deal; figure something in the $7 million-a-year range if it's Scott. I couldn't venture an educated guess on Lewis, but that would be an ill-advised acquisition, as I've said many times.

2. They will sign Ravens S Jim Leonhard. I'm not sure he has top-dollar value around the league, but Rex Ryan loves the guy. He thinks he'd be the ideal complement to Rhodes, a guy who already knows the system. Leonhard also is a pretty good kick returner.

3. They will re-sign FB Tony Richardson. This could happen any minute. As I wrote last week, they've been working hard on this one at the combine in Indy. I can't imagine it'll be a huge deal, though.

4. They will try to sign RB Leon Washington to a long-term extension, but nothing is imminent on that front.

5. Ditto C Nick Mangold, but he has two years remaining on his current deal. I can't imagine there's a sense of urgency. If there is, there shouldn't be.

6. They won't make an immediate splash for a quarterback. In their eyes, it's a backburner issue right now

It is tough to argue with any of the six. A seventh might be finding a starting corner and/or right guard at a reasonable price. The more holes the team fills through free agency, the more flexibility the Draft provides.