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Morning Links-2/20

-Do the Bowens and Kassell releases signal the Jets have interest in one of Baltimore's two starting free agent middle linebackers? Cimini thinks so. I do not believe the two are related since either Ray Lewis or Bart Scott would be replacing free agent Eric Barton.

-Hutch confirms the Jets are safely under the cap.

-The Jets need to get Leon Washington resigned before he hits free agency next year.If he has hired Drew Rosenhaus as is speculated, it will become that much more difficult.

-Asomugha got a record deal from Oakland.

-The Panthers franchised Julius Peppers. It will take a Jared Allen type trade and contract to get him.

-The Dolphins did not tag any of their impending free agents.

-We can all be thankful their longterm quarterback situation is unclear. The Jets could have had to face Matt Ryan twice a year for the next decade and a half.

-Don Banks is confident the Lions are not selecting a quarterback with the top pick. If this happens, there is a good chance Mark Sanchez will be on the board at 17.