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Morning Links-2/2

-The Jets are denying a report from Peter King on NBC during last night's Super Bowl coverage stating the team will give Brett Favre months to decide whether he will play in 2009. If the report is true, Favre better have agreed to take a substantial paycut. Otherwise, the Jets will have to make critical salary cap decisions based on guesswork of Brett's status.

-Favre to Vikings speculation continues.

-Tony Richardson may look West. It is important for the Jets to resign him. He was the unsung hero of the running game. While the revamped offensive line and Bill Callahan deserved a lot of credit, Richardson's excellent work as a lead blocker helped Thomas Jones lead the conference in rushing for much of the year. Jones, Adrian Peterson, Priest Holmes, and Larry Johnson all have benefitted from Richardson during their careers.

-Rex Ryan has already spoken with Joe Namath.