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2009 Possibility: Free Agent Chris McAlister

As the offseason begins, Gang Green Nation will take a look at potential ways to improve the club. Today we will explore signing Chris McAlister.

Profile: McAlister spent the first ten years of his career in Baltimore before the Ravens cut him yesterday. A three time Pro Bowl selection, McAlister was considered one of the game's best shutdown corners a few years ago. He set what was then an NFL record with a 107 yard return of a missed field goal during his time in Baltimore. The past two years, have been injury-plagued, however. After missing eight contests in 2007, McAlister sat out the final ten games of 2008 after undergoing knee surgery. The emergence of Fabian Washington in addition to an $8 million salary made McAlister too big of a risk coming off his operation to keep.

Why It Makes Sense: Rex Ryan has a hole at corner to fill, and an aging McAlister coming off an injury will offer a familiar and affordable option.

Odds of Happening: This could happen, but Rex Ryan might be wise to look to the lesson of Ty Law in 2008. Just because a player was a shutdown corner when one coached him as an assistant does not mean that player will be productive when Father Time hits. McAlister has not been a consistent corner for a few years, and Marvin Harrison, another player on the downside, torched Chris in his final start of 2008.