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Morning Links-2/17

-Favre says he has too much respect for the Jets to come back.

-The Jets had the highest payroll in football last year.

-As surmised here, even though Jeff Garcia will be available, he is not on the Jets' radar.

-Rex Ryan's former corner, Chris McAlister, might be a different story.

-Erik Ainge thinks he will get a fair opportunity.

-Dewayne Robertson clearly did not revive his career after moving back to the 4-3. I do not want to rip on him too hard because he had a great attitude and always played hard when he was with the Jets, but it looks like he is a bust in any system, not a victim of Eric Mangini's 3-4, better suited to play the three technique.

-A great fan site called Jet Nation just celebrated its birthday.

-Vernon Gholston made some rather unsettling comments over the weekend. It is great that his primary concern is wins and losses, but one can only hope his lack of production bugged him more than he lets on.