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Vick Not an Option

The New York Post reports the Jets will not consider bringing in Michael Vick to address their quarterback situation.

Don't expect the Jets, who are quarterback-challenged after the retirement of Brett Favre this week, to be one of the teams interested in the troubled Vick.

Vick is serving a 23-month sentence at the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kan., for his role in a dogfighting conspiracy but is scheduled for release July 20.

"The Jets have no interest in Michael Vick," a Jets spokesman told The Post yesterday.

When asked about Vick, newly hired Jets head coach Rex Ryan said, "I haven't thought about Michael Vick. We're worried about the three quarterbacks we already have on the roster right now. I haven't even given a thought about Michael Vick."

Woody Johnson is trying to sell PSL's in the worst economic crisis in decades. He is not going to be able to stomach the negative PR hit getting Vick would bring. Very few owners would be. The guy who gets Vick will most likely be an owner in the Jerry Jones, Al Davis, Daniel Snyder mode who loves making a splash. There are going to be wide-ranging protests outside of the stadium before any home games and threatening sponsors with boycotts. Animal rights people are hardcore. A lot of them appear to believe Vick's crime was equal or worse to what Rae Carruth did and will go all out in attempting to destroy any team that takes him.

This team does not need a media circus over bringing in a controversial big name quarterback. Been there. Done that. In some ways, though, Vick would be an ideal fit. Being away from the game for two years will mess with a quarterback's timing, but Vick will still have his athleticism, which was always significantly more important to his game. He was never going to lead a dynamic passing attack anyway. What he would bring to the table is another dimension to a club committed to the run, like the Jets should be next season. However, the other baggage makes him untouchable from the New York perspective.