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Pressure Also Shifts to Tannenbaum

Brett Favre's second retirement places pressure on many within the Jets organization. Brian Schottenheimer, who was chronicled yesterday, is one of them. However, general manager Mike Tannenbaum might face even more pressure. No position is more important than quarterback in the NFL. It is the ultimate test of personnel evaluation. What Tannenbaum does this offseason will have a significant impact on the team's near future.

Mike needs to evaluate the talent on the roster. He brought in all three quarterbacks. He needs to decide whether he made the right call with any of the three, particularly Kellen Clemens. As the only quarterback on the roster who has taken an NFL snap, Kellen is currently the favorite to wni the job. Clemens drew high ratings when entering the Draft three years ago. His play in eight starts in 2007 was uninspiring. There were mitigating factors, such as offensive line play. Many young quarterbacks struggle out of the gate and recover to have good careers. Tannenbaum will have to decide whether Kellen is still the guy of the future.

Mark Sanchez is likely to be on the board at pick seventeen in the first round. Since many of the dregs of the league do not feel quarterback is a priority, this is a good year to shop for one. The last time a touted USC quarterback was on the board was three years ago. The Jets passed on Matt Leinart to take D'Brickashaw Ferguson. It was Tannenbaum's first critical decision. Thus far it looks like a good one. Part of the reason he passed on Leinart was because the team loved Clemens and knew he would be there later. Now the choice could once again be between Clemens and a USC signal caller. It once again could define Tannenbaum's run.