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Morning Links-2/12

-Brett's press conference.

-Steve Serby thinks another one year rental of an aging quarterback is the way to go.

-I don't think Woody Johnson has the stomach to take the PR hit signing Michael Vick would bring.

-Mike Vaccaro makes a reasonable request.

-Cimini correctly notes it is likely the Jets will bring in at least one quarterback not currently on the roster.

-Kellen has been preparing to take over the starting role.

-Kerry Rhodes says he and Favre were on good terms.

-Unlike last year, Favre filed retirement papers with the NFL.

-The Favre Era in retrospect.

-Some refuse to believe this is real.

-The gamble may not have paid off, but claiming it was not worth rolling the dice is incorrect.

-This is a bizarre year in that only the Chiefs are obvious choice to take a quarterback in the top sixteen. This means the Jets landing one of the top two quarterbacks will get a lot of buzz.