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Report: Favre to Retire Again

ESPN reports Brett Favre has told his agent he intends to retire.

Without the tearful public ceremony that accompanied his retirement announcement from the Green Bay Packers just 11 months ago, quarterback Brett Favre has instructed agent Bus Cook to inform the New York Jets Wednesday that he plans to retire.

In an e-mail to ESPN's Ed Werder, Favre indicated he had no regrets about finishing his career with the Jets rather than with the Green Bay Packers franchise he represented for his previous 16 NFL seasons. He specifically praised Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, team owner Woody Johnson and fired coach Eric Mangini -- and even mentioned Thomas Jones and Kerry Rhodes, both of whom were publicly critical of Favre after the team's collapse in the final month of the season prevented the Jets from making the playoffs.

This was expected news considering how Favre finished the season and the pounding he took. It would be one thing if he was considering returning to Green Bay, where he is a beloved legend, but going through the grind to come back to the Jets would not seem too appealing after such a miserable December.