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Super Bowl XLIII Game Thread

Leave any thoughts in the comments section. Even though readers here like the Cardinals, my pick is the Steelers. Their zone blitz should let them get to Kurt Warner without leaving anybody on an island. The Eagles really smacked him around in the second half of the NFC Championship Game. I expect something similar.

I also would like to see the Steelers win. I know America likes the underdog, and there is no bigger Cinderella story than the Cardinals, one of the few teams in the league that legitimately could claim to be more snake-bitten than the Jets. The Kurt Warner story is pretty cool also. I am just sick of hearing that team complain, "Nobody believed in us! They said we shouldn't have been a Playoff team!" There was a reason for that. You guys laid down for three weeks leading up to the end of the season. Nobody SHOULD have believed in you. You deserved to have those things said, especially when a New England team as banged up as any in the league this season embarassed you, won two more games than you, and didn't make the Playoffs. That doesn't take away from what the team accomplished, but spare me the lectures.

Look for old friends James Farrior, Victor Hobson, Ben Graham, Todd Haley, and Ken Whisenhunt today. Here's hoping it's at least entertaining.