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Vote in the Van Heusen Fan's Choice Hall of Fame Poll

This is a sponsored post.

Twenty-five semifinalists have been named in the Van Heusen Fan's Choice Hall of Fame poll. Unfortunately, no Jets made the cut. The only real Jet originally on the ballot was Joe Klecko. Apparently fan voting is just as ridiculous as the real voting when it comes to jobbing Klecko out of the Hall of Fame. The guy was a Pro Bowler at three different positions. How does he not get more recognition?

At any rate, you should still vote. This is important. This does not count for the actual Hall, but results will be announced at the same time as the actual Hall vote. It could play a big role in the future. Fan movements matter. They've helped Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Harry Carson, and Art Monk make it so you can make a difference in the future. (We really need to start a movement for Klecko.)