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Tampa Fan Club Welcomes the Jets

The official team website tells us Tampa Jets fans are pumped this week.

The New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa — which grew from 17 original members to 360 current members in five years — has been preparing for the Jets' arrival since it was announced back in April that they would battle the Bucs in Tampa.

Steve "Festa" Scott, the fan club’s founder and president, is originally from Paramus, N.J., a short drive from the Meadowlands. He relocated to Tampa in 2004 and found that the hardest thing to do was to give up his Jets season tickets.

On the flip side, Bucs fans' numbers may be reduced because of their team's record this season.

"I think the stadium is going to be pretty green," said Scott. "Everybody is really pumped up."

According to Scott, who takes fan-club-related calls every day, fans from all over the East Coast and members of five fan clubs from D.C. to Miami will be joining Scott's club for the weekend’s revelry.

If you're an out of town fan, I encourage you to join a fan club. It's a great way to meet fellow Jets fans in exile and find a spot to watch the games if you can't get Sunday Ticket. I know one of our best commenters, NC_Scott has a club for Charlotte Jets fans. There's a complete listing on the team website.