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Rhodes Hasn't Won Back Starting Job

Rex Ryan still isn't ready to anoint Kerry Rhodes his starter at safety.

Rhodes thought he was about to regain his safety position in the Jets' base 3-4 scheme after meeting with defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman a week ago. Rhodes said he thought that was the "one thing" he needed to do before Rex Ryan inserted him in his old spot.

But Ryan, who replaced Rhodes with Eric Smith two days after the Nov. 22 loss to the Patriots, still won't commit to giving back Rhodes his starting role. Rhodes was mostly in on nickel and dime situations the last two games, though he played much more in Thursday's win over the Bills.

"I want this thing to play out," Ryan said Monday. "I want to see how the week goes, see the preparation and game plan before we name a starter in the base group. One way or another, both of those guys are going to play a bunch, Kerry and Eric.''

I take this to mean Rex is really still unhappy with Kerry because there's no doubt which of the two is more talented. We all know Kerry thinks a lot of his own ability. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Rhodes may end up punching his ticket out of town if he doesn't take it well.

Do you think this is the right move?