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Jets Are Number One

Cimini points out the Jets now boast the league's top rushing attack and defense in terms of yardage per game.

Don't look now, but the Jets lead the NFL in rushing (168.6 yards per game) and total defense (276.4). The latter ranking could change tonight, as the Packers (No. 2, 281.5) are in action against the Ravens.

But you get the point. As well as they're playing in those areas, the Jets should be a lot better than 6-6.

This just shows how well the Jets are set up for the future. Once the quarterback fully adjusts to the NFL, this team is going to be a very difficult team to play for years.

On another note, isn't this the kind of team we always said Chad Pennington would have thrived on? It's the Jets' luck he's gone once they finally build a club tailored to the way he plays.