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Jets Flight Connections 120609

Hey there Jets fans, this is a new feature on GGN connecting you to some Jets links.


CB Darrelle Revis has been all over the news, just like he's been all over opposing wide receivers. says, don't start your Fantasy Football WR if he's going against Revis.

Make sure Revis goes to the Pro-Bowl again by clicking here.  Maybe we can see another goal-line pick like the one in this video.

Speaking of videos, here are a couple from last game: Revis highlights on and Revis Island, featuring the INT, thrown-to's, completions and why DE Shaun Ellis should kiss him.

SS Jim Leonhard thinks "Revis is amazing," and Darrelle thinks T.O. became frustrated.

WR Terrell Owens says Revis is "one of the best" at CB.  Back in '07 with the Cowboys, however, he didn't even know who Revis was.



Speaking of Cowboys, one of their top performers this season is WR Miles Austin, on whom the Jets passed as a free agent.

Austin is a Garfiled native, like former Jets WR Wayne Chrebet, who spoke about Hofstra ending their football program.

Speaking of former Jets, Curtis Martin spoke about RB Thomas Jones before last Thursday's game.  This article shows some of their similarities.

Jay Greenberg of the Post thinks the Jets should have gotten a veteran QB in the roster, and Gary Myers of the Daily News misses Chad Pennington.

Maybe then we wouldn't be dealing with "SlideGate."  Apparently, Head Coach Rex Ryan has been warning QB Mark Sanchez about diving headfirst since training camp.

Revis thinks Mark showed "heart and effort."

Rex hopes the knucklehead can still play in the next game at Tampa Bay.

We're not sure yet whether FS Kerry Rhodes will be starting in that game.  Apparently, the one other thing he needed to do in order to regain his starting job was to have a talk with Dennis Thurman.  Yes.  The Defensive Backs Coach.   Kerry never felt he needed to do this before.

What's everybody doing today?  I'll probably be watching the Giants game, because I just read that banners are prohibited in that stadium.  Even moreso when it says this.

Who is everybody rooting for?  Here is Jets fan Ray Romano with his picks.

Lastly, for all you South Park fans out there, here are a couple of videos featuring two division rivals who are going head to head today.  

I could only find the commentary for this one, but you've probably already seen it anyway.


 And for the second one, please keep in mind, I don't advocate running onto the field and attacking the players.


Okay, folks.  Enjoy your Sunday.  

Oh yeah, and check out "Jets Flight Plan" today at 11:30am on WCBS-TV.