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Chad Pennington, The Perfect Mentor?

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The Jets Blog asked a good question earlier this week about the possibility of Chad Pennington returning to the Jets next year to act as a back-up, a coach, a mentor to Mark Sanchez.

First of all I'm one of Chad's biggest fans, when we released him in favour of Brett Favre I thought it was a good idea because we couldn't hold both and Favre was a nice change of direction, but I wished Chad the best and looked forward to seeing where he landed, when Chad joined the rival Dolphins it angered me quite a lot, in time I have come to deal with it though, and watching him go down with another shoulder injury was very painful.

However during the Jets game in Miami I remember seeing a sign by a group of Jets fans wishing their best to Chad and telling him to get well soon, it just showed me that although he joined a rival, he is still well thought of in Jets circles.

I'm doubtful as to whether he would accept a back-up roll, I'm sure he believes that he can still start but with this latest injury, being 33 now, perhaps he is more open to the possibility of being a back-up and mentor to the young Jets QB.

Would he be able to return? let's not forget that this is the same front office who unceremoniously dumped him so we could bring in a guy who obviously didn't want to be here. He went to Miami, was welcomed with open arms and did what he was asked to do, be a game manager.

What have been some of the criticisms of Sanchez so far, mainly decision making and accuracy, so who better to mentor him than a man renowned for both of these aspects. So say he was ready to settle for a back-up role next year, would you as the Jets GM reach out to him?

Remember that Clemens will be gone after this season, and Ainge and O'Connell as the 2nd QB? that will be giving me nightmares all through the summer/