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Hofstra Drops Football

This was from a few days ago but still news worthy. Hofstra University has decided to drop its football program.

Hofstra University, which has fielded a football team for the past 69 years, is dropping the sport.

The school said it cut the program because of costs and fading interest and will use the $4.5 million spent annually on the team on scholarships and other priorities.

The board of trustees voted unanimously Wednesday night to shut the program, which had been in existence since the Long Island school's founding in 1937. The coaching staff was told Thursday morning, sources told

Hofstra, which has competed in the NCAA's Football Championship Subdivision (formerly known as Division I-AA) since 1991, is the second member of the Colonial Athletic Association to drop its football program in the past 10 days. Northeastern University, in Boston, announced Nov. 23 it was dropping its program after 74 seasons.

"The cost of the football program, now and in the future, far exceeds the return possible," Hofstra president Stuart Rabinowitz said Thursday. He added that despite Hofstra having sent several players to the NFL, the program does not attract enough national attention.

Hofstra was home to Jets training camp for years prior to 2009 and housed their practices before the team moved into its state of the art facility in Florham Park last year. It was this partnership that led the Jets to give a tryout to an unknown and undrafted wide receiver named Wayne Chrebet in 1995. Maybe losing the Jets as a tenant hurt.

It's very sad to see this happen. Football programs do a lot for schools in term of pride and exposure. In these economic times, we see casualties like this. I think Hofstra will regret this decision.