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Week 13 Rooting Guide

Miami over New England: This one has generated a lot of discussion on the site. The reasoning is simple. A Miami win pulls the Jets within a game of the division lead. The Jets lose every conceivable tiebreaker scenario so they would need the Pats to lose twice in the last four to Carolina, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Houston. Likely? No, but possible. I get that the Jets are battling the Dolphins for the Wild Card, but Miami is going to lose at least one of its last four and probably more. They have a tough finish playing Jacksonville, Tennessee, Houston, and Pittsburgh. Remember, we only need the Dolphins to lose once to have 7 losses and fall behind the Jets. That eliminates them. Nobody's getting in at 9-7.

Indianapolis over Tennessee: For two reasons. First, the Jets want the Colts to have home field clinched and nothing to play for by Week 16 so maybe they'll take their foot off the pedal and rest their starters for the game against the Jets. That's probably the only realistic way the Jets leave Indy with a win. Also, even though the Jets have the same record as the Titans and a head to head win, they want Tennessee to lose to knock them out of contention. It's one less team to deal with and eliminates the possibility of them winning some funky multi team tiebreaker.

Kansas City over Denver: Although the Broncos are 7-4, they're catchable. They have been in free fall lately. Their only win in the past five games was against a team in an even greater free fall, the Giants.

Oakland over Pittsburgh: At 6-5, the Steelers are going to be a problem. I feel like they're going to turn it on over the last month of the season. This one looks like a long shot. It could be a devastating loss if the Raiders play like they did against the Bengals and Eagles.

Green Bay over Baltimore: Out of conference opponent against a team half a game up in the Wild Card race.

Houston over Jacksonville: It hurts to say this considering how nice the Jaguars fans were over here a few weeks back. However, the Jags have a half game lead over the Jets and a head to head victory. The Texans are also competing for a Playoff spot, but they're a half game behind the Jets with a head to head loss. A Houston win does far less damage.

Detroit over Cincinnati: Would help the Colts come closer to wrapping up home field advantage.

Cleveland over San Diego: Would help the Colts come closer to wrapping up home field advantage. Also could help save Mangini's job and let him trade the Jets Shaun Rogers in the offseason.