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Rex 'Sanchez Is Our Knucklehead'

Update (9:30am): Sanchez Has Sprained PCL

Adam Schefter reports that if Sanchez can stand the pain he will be able to play against the Bucs.

I'm not sure what the rest of you were thinking last night as Sanchez dived head first between two Bills players, smashed his knee on the ground and two plays later left the game visibly shaken.

Knucklehead was pretty close for me.

"I love the kid, but he's got to grow up and understand he represents our entire organization," Ryan said. "We want what's best for him."
"He's probably calling him a knucklehead or something like that," he said. "He's our knucklehead and we love him."

A few weeks ago, several members here were showing their frustration that through all the struggles Sanchez was seemingly still making the same mistakes. Personally I think it is harder to correct the forcing the ball mistakes than it is the sliding one.

This week Joe Giradi, manager of the 2009 World Series winning Yankee team came to advise Mark on the best way to slide to avoid injury, and we were told how quickly he picked it up, and how confident he now was. Game time came around and we were left scratching our head, did Sanchez just forget everything he was taught? was it just instinct taking over.

However for the first time, Rex was notably irritated by Sanchez's lack of learning, and who can blame him, he represents our best chance to win and after a week of being told not to do something, he goes out and does it anyway. Very frustrating.