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Jets Special Team TDs Under Mike Westhoff

Mike Westhoff joined the New York Jets in 2001 as the Special Teams Coordinator.  Since then, 6 players have returned kickoffs for 12 touchdowns.  They are Chad Morton, Jonathan Carter, Jerricho Cotchery, Justin Miller, Leon Washington and Brad Smith.  Santana Moss has returned punts for TDs, while four other Jets have blocked punts for TDs.

(This started off as a fanpost that I ended up deleting.  I wanted help with the stats, but I ended up looking them up myself and redoing the whole post.)

Check out the breakdown of Special Teams TDs after the jump.



RB Chad Morton (#26) - 2 Kickoff Returns for Touchdown, both in the same game.

September 8, 2002 @ Buffalo Bills, 2nd Quarter.  The Jets were trailing 0-10 when he took one home for 98 yards.  Jets 7, Bills 10.

Then, with the score tied at 31 in Overtime, he took one for 96 yards to win the game 37-31.

WR Jonathan Carter (#84) - 1 Kickoff Return for a Touchdown.

November 16, 2003 @ Indianapolis Colts, 3rd Quarter.  The Jets were trailing 17-31 when he returned a 90-yarder.  It was a big day for him as earlier in the first quarter, he also caught a 62 yard TD pass from Chad Pennington.

The Jets lost 31-38.

WR Jerricho Cotchery (#89) - 1 Kickoff Return for a Touchdown.

January 2, 2005 @ St. Louis Rams, 3rd Quarter.  The Jets were trailing 10-21 when he brought one for 94 yards.

The Jets lost 29-32.

CB Justin Miller (#22) - 3 Kickoff Returns for Touchdown, all in the same calendar year.

January 1, 2006 vs. Buffalo Bills, 4th Quarter.  The Jets were trailing 23-26 when he returned a kick for 95 yards.  The Jets won 30-26.

October 1, 2006 vs. Indianapolis Colts, 4th Quarter.  The Jets were trailing 21-24 when he returned a kick for 103 yards.  However, even with little time left on the clock, the Jets lost 28-31.

October 29, 2006 @ Cleveland Browns, 3rd Quarter.  The Jets were trailing 3-20 when he returned a kick for 99 yards.  The Jets lost 13-20.

RB Leon Washington (#29) - 4 Kickoff Returns for Touchdown.

September 23, 2007 vs. Miami Dolphins, 2nd Quarter.  With the score tied at 7, he took one for 98 yards to take the lead.  The Jets won 31-28.

October 7, 2007 @ New York Giants, 3rd Quarter.  The Jets were leading 17-14 when he returned one for 98 yards.  The Jets lost 25-35.

November 2, 2007 vs. Washington Redskins, 1st Quarter.  The Jets took the early lead when Leon returned a kick for 86 yards.  The Jets lost 20-23.

November 13, 2008 @ New England Patriots, 2nd Quarter.  The Jets were leading 10-6 when Leon took one home for 92 yards.  He also received a TD pass from Brett Favre for the first score in the first quarter in this Thursday night game.  The Jets won 34-31.

WR Brad Smith (#16) - 1 Kickoff Return for a Touchdown.

December 27, 2009 @ Indianapolis Colts, 3rd Quarter.  The Jets were trailing 3-9 when Brad Smith made the longest play in Jets history, a kickoff return for 106 yards.  The Jets won 29-15.

*Brad Smith also returned a blocked punt (by Eric Smith) for 4 yards for TD @ New England on November 22, 2009 near the end of the 2nd Quarter.

As for WR Santana Moss (#83), he didn't have any kickoff returns for TDs, but he did score on some Punt Returns.

October 27, 2002 vs. Cleveland Browns, 1st Quarter.  Moss took home a punt for 63 yards to lead the game 7-0.  The Jets lost 21-24.

November 3, 2002 @ San Diego Chargers, 1st Quarter.  The Jets were ahead by a touchdown when Moss scored on a 52 yard return to lead 14-0.  The Jets won 44-13 in the game that turned that season around.

January 15, 2005 @ Pittsburgh Steelers, 2nd Quarter.  The Jets were trailing 3-10 when he took a punt for 75 yards and tied the game.  The Jets lost 17-20.


DB Chris Hayes (#30) returned a blocked punt for 7 yards for TD Carolina Panthers on October 28, 2001 in the 1st Quarter, taking the lead at 7-6.  The Jets won 13-12.

LB Jason Glenn (#56 at the time) returned a blocked punt for 4 yards for TD Oakland Raiders on January 6, 2002 in the 2nd Quarter, taking the lead at 14-9.  The Jets won 24-22.

DE David Bowens (#96) returned a blocked punt for 26 yards for TD @ New England on December 16, 2007 in the 2nd Quarter.  The Jets lost 10-20.

That's a total of 6 players for 12 kickoff returns for touchdowns. 

4 players each with blocked punt returns for touchdowns.

1 player with 3 punt returns for touchdowns.

As of last year, the Jets led the league with the most kickoff touchdowns during Mike's Jets tenure since 2001.  I think it's safe to say they're still a the top.  Two kick returners have represented the Jets at the Pro Bowl- Justin Miller in 2006 and Leon Washington in 2008.  The stats come from and  Feel free to correct any mistakes or add any tidbits of info in the comments section.

Thanks also to Manish Mehta for his help in confirming some numbers via tweeter.