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Thanks for the Memories: 26 years of Jets Football to be Honored on Sunday

With the final game yet to be played at Giants Stadium looming, the Jets organization has announced that they will be honoring players from the 1984-2009 teams at halftime of Sunday's game. Each individual season (sans 2006)  will be represented by at least one Jets player.

The halftime ceremony will be held in commemeration of the last 26 years of Jets football that has been played in "Big Brother's" house.

Both Leon Washington and Kris Jenkins will be in attendance, representing their respective teams. This will, no doubt, be a very emotional and powerful ceremony.

The list of players is as follows:

1984 — LB Greg Buttle, RB/KR Bruce Harper, CB Bobby Jackson, DE Joe Klecko, S Ken Schroy, K Pat Leahy, TE Rocky Klever

1985 — DE Mark Gastineau

1986 — WR Wesley Walker

1987 — LB Lance Mehl

1988 — DT Marty Lyons

1989 — QB Ken O'Brien

1990 — WR Al Toon

1991 — LB Kyle Clifton

1992 — S Erik McMillan

1993 — TE Fred Baxter

1994 — G Dwayne White

1995 — WR Wayne Chrebet

1996 — LB Marvin Jones

1997 — RB Adrian Murrell

1998 — QB Vinny Testaverde

1999 — T Jumbo Elliott

2000 — S Victor Green

2001 — CB Aaron Glenn

2002 — G Dave Szott

2003 — FB Jerald Sowell

2004 — CB Ray Mickens

2005 — T Jason Fabini

2007 — RB/KR Leon Washington

2008 — NT Kris Jenkins

2009 — Current Jets team

"This is a great moment for the Jets organization," said Marty Lyons, long-time Jets defensive tackle and now radio color commentator for the team, who is scheduled to address the crowd at halftime Sunday. "We made a lot of great memories at this place, but we're really excited about the future of this team, the new stadium and all the great things that will happen there, too."

quote via NewYorkJets.Com