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Ticket Prices for Sunday

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Thinking of going to the game on Sunday? Let's check out what's on StubHub.

Single tickets go for $69.

You can get a pair for $90 each.

You may say the seats aren't that great, but this is football. The further away you sit, the better your view is. Why do you think a lot of assistant coaches sit in the press box instead of staying on the field? They want a better angle on the action.

I know these tickets aren't cheap. I know it will be a hassle to beat traffic late at night. I know it's the first day of work after the holidays on Monday. All I can say is if you have the means and are thinking of going, do it. It could be a night you'll never forget.

And as one reader in the FanPost section advised, make sure you can verify your tickets. Use a reputable site like StubHub.