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Jets Scout Attends UCLA/Temple Game

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Just a short little snippet of information I got today from Chris Steuber of, well it was actually yesterday, but I completely missed it until today. A scout from the Jets was at the UCLA v Temple EagleBank Bowl yesterday which saw UCLA come out on top 30-21.

I'm sure many of you won't see this as a big deal, but I have been bothering him for some time about the lack of information on where the Jets were scouting, and it was suggested that we were not travelling to scout all that much, so hearing about this at least leads us to some speculation. Who were we scouting at the game? if we were scouting anyone in particular (probable).

So not being all that familiar with the two rosters I had a quick look through, and I'm thinking that one of the players we may well be having a look at is Brian Price. He today declared for the draft. 6-2, 300lb's, looks pretty handy, likely a late first round selection, early second round pick. 48 tackles, 23.5 for a loss and 7 sacks on the 2009 season. Could play as a 4-3 tackle or as a 3-4 defensive end.

Alternatively it could of been Alterraun Verner, the impressive cornerback for UCLA. 69 tackles, 5 interceptions on the season, having only seen him play yesterday, (and I wasn't focusing on him so really don't remember him much) I haven't seen him play but I have heard some good things.

Maybe it's Reggie Carter the OLB who finished his 4 year Bruin career with 269 tackles and 5 forced fumbles.

Any other suggestions as to who we might of been scouting? pop them in the comments