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Brad Smith Named AFC's Special Teams Player of the Week

Brad Smith came through with a game-changing play in Sunday's game via opening the second half with a 106-yard Kickoff Return for a TD to give the Jets their first lead in the game. It was the longest TD of any kind in franchise history, and also the second longest KO return in NFL history.

Today he was compensated, as he was named the AFC's ST Player of the Week.

Smith has been fairly under-the-radar this season, as he brings so much versatility to the Jets offense. He is now the primary player to take snaps in the Jets Wildcat formation (nicknamed the "Tiger" formation), and has also been returning kicks since Leon Washington's injury. The Jets had previously tried out a couple of guys returning kicks, including Darelle Revis, and it's great to see we now have someone who can be consistent back there.

Initially drafted as a QB/WR out of college, he also lines up as WR when the Jets choose to spread the field and go with 3 and 4 WR-Sets.

Congratulations, Brad! You've earned it. The versatility he brings to this team is certainly commendable.