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New York Jets Pass Defense vs. Buffalo Bills Pass Offense

Everybody remembers how poorly Mark Sanchez played in the first meeting between these teams. Ryan Fitzpatrick was better, but he didn't play particularly well either in relief on injured Trent Edwards. Fitzpatrick was 10 for 25. He'll get the start again on Thursday. He also started against the Jets in a game last season with the Bengals, a lethargic New York victory. I'm not convinced the Jets have a tremendous amount to fear through the air. There are some guys who lack the mental capabilities to effectively play the quarterback position. Fitzpatrick has those. He's smart and tough. It just doesn't seem like he has the physical tools. He has below average arm strength and accuracy. He can do a bit of damage as a runner, though.

Since interim head coach Perry Fewell replaced Edwards as the starter with Fitzpatrick, Terrell Owens has really come to life. The controversial wideout had been putting together a very quiet season, raising questions whether he was in decline. He's come back to life in the past two weeks. He's averaged 7 catches, a shade under 150 yards, and a touchdown. At this point, though, does anybody out there think he's going to have that kind of success on Darrelle Revis? Revis handled him in the first meeting. There's a good chance he'll do it again. There's no receiver in this league I'd take over Revis.

Lee Evans against Lito Sheppard? This gives me a little bit more concern. Evans has speed deep. He's the kind of receiver I'm not sold Lito can contain by himself. Josh Reed in the slot? If he's against Drew Coleman, we may have found Fitzpatrick's primary target. Also look for some passes out of the backfield to Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch. Both have over 20 receptions on the year. The Bills might particularly look for Jackson, a speedy playmaker, to give Fitzpatrick some safe reads and keep him from being exposed from the blitzes against his young and below average offensive line.