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Rex's Monday News Conference

Rex isn't making any apologies for beating the Colts.

We won the game. We ended up doing what we had to do, whoever was in the Colt jerseys. I think that there's very little credit that our football team's given, and that's unfortunate.


Again, our team wasn't rolling over for anybody, and neither were the Colts. They were trying to win. Granted, it wasn't with some of their players. They're trying to compete, trying to win. Our guys made plays to help win that game. We won by 14 points. So I think it was a big win for our franchise. It set up this opportunity that we have in front of us. I know our guys are excited about it.


You have to earn everything you get in this league. Whether you're playing against a starter or backup, whatever. For half the year, people played against our backup nose tackle. I don't think anybody's made note of that. I know this is Peyton Manning or whatever, but he did play 2½ quarters. Again, that's fine. People can make their own conclusions and draw their own conclusions.

But I look at it as we won by 14 points in that game. I think we were right there. We were just fighting toe-to-toe with them. Our job is to try to get it done regardless of who is on the field. We talked about that during the week. If it's Tom Matte at running back, it never mattered to us. We had to find a way to win, and that's what we did. Again, we make no excuses and no apologies for getting our job done.


Amen. Look at some of the teams around the league. Are you telling me the Indianapolis backups couldn't compete against teams like St. Louis, Detroit, or Tampa Bay? These are still professionals. The Jets didn't choose to play them. They simply handled them. Imagine the kind of abuse the Jets would have taken had they lost that game. A lot of the people saying the Jets should be ashamed of winning a game like that would be here mocking our team.