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Chad Ochocinco Calls Out Revis

Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco decided it was a good idea to trash talk Darrelle Revis on Twitter.

"I'm coming to the big apple to give NY what they've never seen, an escape inmate gone wild on Revis Island, WAMW try and cover me," Ochocinco sent to Revis via the social networking service (the meaning of WAMW cannot be spelled out on this site).

But it is not the first time that Ochocinco has tweeted Revis with predictions of dominance.

"yall better focus until I come to town, i will be taking over the big apple for a 3 hour period, 1-4, please don't try to cover me!" Ochocinco sent Revis on Oct. 8.

And on Sept. 28, "I'm gonna burn you so bad you gone wish you played lacrosse!!!"

Maybe he should ask Randy Moss what Revis plays like when you get him angry.

Do you think Revis even lets Ochocinco catch a single ball on Sunday after this?