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QB'ing In NY taking it's toll on Youthful Exuberance?

In all the excitement yesterday over an excellent win that again puts us back in control of our own destiny, I couldn't help notice that the exuberance that Sanchez was known for earlier in the season seems to have died off. His post game press conference was painful to watch, he looked exhausted, downtrodden, and desperately in need of a little R&R.

Sanchez's news conferences have been a source of discussion this season, especially the post Jacksonville contest where he 'changed things up a little' and gave a statement, more fitting to an apologetic political statement than a post game Q&A with the local media.

I guess it is perfectly understandable for him to be getting close to being burned out. Nobody said that it was going to be easy, and a season which has seen more up's and downs than many could expect is obviously going to start taking it's toll on a young quarterback.

He is constantly asked the same questions over and over, and for the most part he has controlled his temperament, said all the right things and handled himself as well as you could expect. Expectations in New York are always going to be hard to balance, especially as socially he must be the toast of the town.

Maybe he is just maturing a little bit, for me personally, I miss the smiling, happy ,excited kid that we saw earlier this season, something that we really haven't seen for a long time. I'm thinking that Sanchez is finding it much tougher than first expected, but he will cope, he has a great head on those shoulders, and through experience things will get easier.

When the season does come to a close, hopefully in February, Sanchez has earned a little privacy and a little rest