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As in a perfect day for the Jets. Gang Green got exactly what it needed today. Baltimore, Miami, and Jacksonville losses coupled with a win puts New York in control of its own destiny heading into the final week of the season. A victory over AFC North Champion Cincinnati at the Meadowlands is all that stands between the Jets and a rubber match with the hated Pats in Foxborough. That's not bad considering where we were a month ago or even a week ago. Heck, I have said the season was over after no less than three losses since November.

Let's be honest. This would have been a different game had the Colts not called off the dogs in the third quarter. It's not a foregone conclusion the Colts would have prevailed as the talking heads will tell you. The Jets were competitive against Peyton Manning and company. They may well have pulled it out. It surely would have been much tougher, though, and much less of a foregone conclusion. At this point of the year, a W is a W. There are plenty of teams like the Ravens, Dolphins, and Giants that gladly would have taken a victory even if it came this way.

I'm sure we'll see plenty of fans from teams behind the Jets here tonight complaining about what the Colts did. Too bad. The Jets could only compete against the players the Colts put out there. They took care of business. The Colts took care of their business during the season. They don't owe you anything. If you're looking for people to blame, look at your team for getting into a position where it needed help.

I'm not going to call this a great win. All that really matters is the Jets are 8-7 and can win their way into the Playoffs next week with a rookie coach and a rookie quarterback. Not too bad.