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Week 16 Rooting Guide

New England over Jacksonville: You may have to hold your nose, but the Jets need this one. Winning the AFC East cannot happen. New York is tied with Jacksonville, and the Jags have the head to head tiebreaker. Jacksonville's last game is against Cleveland, a likely win. The result of this game will likely determine whether the Jets can catch the Jaguars.

Houston over Miami: Both teams are tied with the Jets. Gang Green wins a head to head tiebreaker against the Texans and loses it against the Dolphins. In other words, it's ok to be tied with Houston. It's not to be tied with Miami.

Pittsburgh over Baltimore: The Jets are a game behind Baltimore. They are tied with Pittsburgh and own the tiebreaker with a better conference record.

Philadelphia over Denver: This one's a no brainer. The Jets are a game behind Denver, while Philadelphia plays in the other conference.