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Revis Claims First Award

Ok it's not the most prestigious award, but it does show another side of Revis away from his football ability. The Jets media annually vote for the 'Jets Media Good Guy Award', and this year it has gone to Darrelle Revis for his straight forward humble, pleasant attitude to the media. Newsday Jets beat reporter tweeted

We voted on the Jets Media Good Guy award and it goes to ... @Revis24. Darrelle has been a standup guy all season. He's been great.

Jets fans are hoping that this is the first of several awards this season, and although he has been left off the pro bowl squad, by the all too wise NFL fans, he is surely heading to Hawaii......wait Florida, by the coaches vote. ESPN today ran an article about cornerbacks forcing their way into defensive player of the year consideration, a link that I think was provided earlier within the connections post.

Roddy White had some positive things to say about Revis however:

"He's the best guy I've faced this year," Atlanta wide receiver Roddy White said of Revis following the Falcons' 10-7 victory on Sunday. "He's always around you. He's like a gnat. He never gets away from you."

Roddy giving credit where credit is due.