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Rex 'I would Call The Same Play'

Steve Politi of the NJ Star Ledger writes that Rex was adamant in his post game press conference, that if the situation was repeated, he would call exactly the same play he called today on the 4th and goal play from the 6 that saw one of the greatest catching tight ends ever to play the game haul in an uncontested touchdown in the front of the end zone, really Rex? You wouldn't maybe think about switching out of a zone, even after Gonzalez admitted that he knew the Jets were playing a zone?

"On the last play I said to myself, ‘Oh my God, I think they’re going zone here,’" Gonzalez said. "And I thought I might have a shot to get open."

is this blind faith in a failed call or complete madness, everyone admitted that they knew exactly which play Atlanta were going to run, they knew it was going to Gonzalez, so why would you play a zone in that situation and let Gonzalez sit in the endzone to end any slim hope of a play-off berth. Is this not just complete arrogance in a failed play, unwilling to admit that we hold the number one defensive unit in the league, until the final minute's where five of our 7 losses have come.

A defence that continuously plays to a high level until a game changing moment is needed. Their are simply no excuses for letting a play like that defeat us, and then to arrogantly claim that the same call would be made, like by some magical occurrence Gonzalez wouldn't find the soft spot in the zone on the second time of asking, that quite frankly is disrespectful to a player of Gonzalez' calibre. Of the ridiculous statement's that have been made by the brash Jets this season, this one ranks among the league leaders

Like Politi mentions, everyone in the stadium knew what was coming, everyone watching on TV knew it too, and apparently so did the coaching staff and the players. However it's December, it's a late season meaningful game, just jot this entry down in the over-flowing journal of Jets disappointments, this is a good defence with the potential to be great, but no great defence gives us last possession TD after last possession TD after last possession TD, and the arrogance we saw in Miami from Rex and the defensive coaching staff, has reared it's ugly head once again.

Their is a difference between confidence and arrogance and Ryan often flirts with that line.