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New York Jets Run Defense vs. Atlanta Falcons Run Offense

Whether Michael Turner plays will make a big difference in this game. I would argue his status is even more important than that of Matt Ryan. Even if Ryan does play, he's in for a tall order coming back against this defense. It's a little easier to return at the running back position. Turner is a complete runner. He has power and explosion. Think of what we hope Shonn Greene will turn into. That's what Turner is. He's running for almost 5 yards per carry.

Behind him, things get dicier. Jerious Norwood is a talented young back. He is also explosive like Turner, but he's not as consistent. There are some big gains and some minimal gains. His first three years were great, but he's averaging less than 3.5 yards per carry this year. Behind him is Jason Snelling, a big bruiser who is mainly a power runner.

Again, because of how banged up Atlanta's offensive line is, the Jets seem to be in good shape. Given the unclear quarterback situation, the Falcons are going to try and grind things out on the ground. The Jets will probably load up the box. If Turner is out, they could have a tough time getting it done on the ground.