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New York Jets Run Offense vs. Atlanta Falcons Run Defense

Whether or not the weather is poor, we will see a heavy dose of Thomas Jones against a below average run defense. Atlanta is giving up 117.8 per game on the ground and a 4.2 average. The Falcons are undersized on the defensive line aside from end Jamaal Anderson, primarily a run defender. Their tackles, Thomas Johnson and Jonathan Babineaux weigh in at 304 and 296 respectively. We know what John Abraham is, mainly an upfield pass rusher, although he hasn't been terrible against the run this year. D'Brickashaw Ferguson is a tough matchup for him though. He can match Abe's athelticism.

I like the interior line's chances against the tackles. Nick Mangold, Alan Faneca, and Brandon Moore should be able to get a good push. They will have to. Middle linebacker Curtis Lofton has been very strong in run support with 118 tackles. The outside backers, Stephen Nicholas and Mike Peterson are less accomplished run defenders. If the Jets control the point of attack, they will have to work in traffic. New York will have the Falcons right where they want them.

The Jets will probably have to operate with old friend Erik Coleman spending a lot of time in the box. Coleman has 93 tackles this year. He's the ultimate average player. He never really does much to stick out good or bad. Again, the offensive line winning battles up front and hitting the second level will be key here. If Coleman has to get off blocks, it could spring Thomas Jones for some big carries.

I think Thomas Jones won't get many breaks in this one. It doesn't seem like the coaching staff has a ton of faith in Shonn Greene after his third fumble last week. The signing of Chauncey Washington is an indication of this. He could have a big day and would be a good play in fantasy.